Pattern crochet shawl #polleviewrap

Everybody can make a beautiful shawl on their own. With a little help from my tutorial  everybody can make a colorful wrap. Are you an advanced crocheter? With this tutorial/pattern, you will have one designed and ready in no time. If you are still novice, even you will manage to do so with the clear step by step tutorial.

Pattern crochet shawl polleviewrap wrap ibiza boho flowers   Review tutorial how to crochet a polleviewrap

Online workshop with instructions and video tutorial

We will make this world more cheerful and colorful together. If you have no idea how, see my online workshop. This workshop consists of video’s suitable for even the most novice. With my detailed tutorial and video you can design and crochet a colorful shawl. You can play the video workshop as often as you want. Just work at your own pace. Besides the video, you also get a written instruction with clear pictures (133 pages!). Below is a preview of a simple flower.

The video is at 50% speed of the real speed. Easy to follow. Are you gonna join me to color this world more cheerful? Get yourself a jumpstart by buying the tutorial with the button below.

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Review tutorial how to crochet a polleviewrap

Share your creation

Make and design a crochet shawl at your own pace. One thing is for sure, your creation is unique and helps to cheer up this world with colors! It would be great if you share a picture of your creation with me and the rest of the word. #polleviewrap You can tag me on Instagram: @Polle_vie or Facebook: @Polleviewrap. I am very curious to see your design and with color combination you like best.

Need more inspiration? Take a look at my inspiration gallery.

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