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I continuous design new crochet creations. For example, I recently designed and made my #polleviewrap “Autum shawl edition 2017“. Just like a painting with autumn leaves, toadstools and acorns.

crochet shawl for sale polleviewrap

I received many requests from fans to release more details about this. Which yarns do you use? How to make the toadstools? Which patterns for the decoration? Etc. etc. I have been considering converting the existing tutorial to a tutorial specifically for this “Autumn Shawl Edition 2017”, but in my view, that would not be fair to the fans who had already purchased the basic tutorial. Those fans would have to buy the tutorial twice to be able to make the “Autumn Shawl Edition 2017” … nonsense of course. That could be a lot better!

Then I came up with the idea of working with so-called “design add-ons“. If you have a tutorial for a #polleviewrap, you can use a design add-on to create a specifically designed #polleviewrap. The design add-on deals with additional patterns, instructions, diagrams, type of yarn, needle thickness, etc. The design add-ons are available in my Etsy store for a price of €4.95 per add-on. There will be many more.

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design add-on polleviewrap Design add-on Swan Shawl

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