Crochet shawl/wrap inspiration examples

Crochet shawl/wrap inspiration examples

Underneath a view of my Ibiza/boho crochet shawl/wrap projects I finished and sold. All the crochet shawls are for sale. If not on stock I will make a crochet shawl for you by order. Feel free to be inspired to make them also. If you need any help with the pattern see my Etsy shop for an online tutorial. Which one do you like the most?

Crochet shawl made by order

Sometimes I get a special assignment, for example from a Spanish fashion designer. I really love to work on such assignments. We discuss what she wants and after that I can do were I am good at… be creative. Great if my crocheted shawls appear on the catwalk in Spain.

Inspiration gallery cheerful colorful wrap shawl polleviewrap
Spanish special assignment for the catwalk

I even get request for shawls suiting a real bridal bouquet. I love to make people happy and color the world.

What are your wishes? Custom made order


Special occasion, I love to help you out!

If you don’t have the time or if you just want to delegate to make a special shawl for someone, I can help you out. Totally within your wishes I can use my creative freedom to make something special. Or even advice you on the colors. This way you can make a special friend happy with their own handmade special shawl.

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