Pollevie: how it started

pollevie how it started
Where does all that color, creativity, enthusiasm and passion come from?

I was born in Asia in a warm family who traveled all over the world because of my father’s work (Shell). From him I have the drive to make something of my life. My mother is my example in the creative field. As long as I can remember, she is busy with different kinds of textiles and makes the most imaginative creations with them. Felting, making garments, crocheting, knitting and free embroidery. She also provided workshops. As a little girl, I saw and helped her prepare for these workshops, and spend time in her sewing room.

She has always stimulated me to execute ideas I was thinking about. For example, when we arrived in the Netherlands, we spent two summers making textile mice as bookmarkers. We then sold these to a bookstore. I was able to pay my first scooter from the earnings.

After I received my Bachelor’s degree in teaching in Maastricht, I returned to the famous flower region of Holland. Here I am surrounded by the most amazing flowers all spring. My work as a school teacher is easy to combine with my creativity. Great to encourage children being creative. I do all kinds of stuff: window paintings, murals of children’s rooms, painting porcelain, making jewelry and crocheting. I am a pretty colorful personality and rarely leave a garment I buy the way it was. I like to ‘pimp’ it with brooches or handmade decoration like chains or patches or wear them in a different way.

I have my Etsy online store since 2013 where I sell my creations online. In addition, I sell my handmade products on a lot of local markets. Especially on the Sunday Market in Amsterdam. Here I sold my first wraps. Since the end of 2015, I went to sell my wraps (richly decorated with flowers and tulips) online. First via an online Marketplace and later via my Etsy shop.

I received so many positive comments, I decided to focus on this. My living room slowly changed into a kind of wool shop where I have all the colors in stock, so I can start a custom order immediately. Soon that was the only thing I did and where I find a lot of satisfaction. In addition, I can loose myself in this creative process completely. The best thing is that I can take my crochet work anywhere.

Besides crocheting and being an inspiration for others, I was increasingly asked to help people to crochet. So I decided to give crochet workshops. At the beginning of 2017 I released a tutorial that can help people who can not attend a workshop of me. I mostly enjoy the workshops abroad. Because of my international background, I speak English fluent. Traveling all over the world is in my DNA. Great to see so much positivity in people around the world and how they inspire each other.

The name Pollevie:

A question that is asked a lot. I like to wear flowers in my hair and earlier in two ‘messy buns’ on my head with all kinds of fake flowers. When I arrived in the Netherlands, I was called ‘Pollewop’ by children and my friends. In addition, I do not take life too serious. I like to be creative and enjoy the day. Of course I have problems sometimes. But I don’t throw in the towel that easy. But solve them in a positive way. I try to enjoy every day and get a lot of satisfaction from being creative. As Edith Piaf ever sang: “La Vie and rose”, translated freely: the rosy life. A combination of these two became ‘Pollevie’ and under that name I have been making creative products for 10 years as I sell on markets and online.

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Crochet workshop in Copenhagen

Crochet workshop in Copenhagen Pollevie

Finaly the day came that I packed my suitcase to go to Denmark to give a crochetworkshop. It was quite a task to get the maximum amount of wraps in my rol-on-trolly, but I managed.

After a short flight I arrived in Copenhagen at midnight and got on the metro for a short ride to meet Eva. It was so much fun to hear people talk Danish around me. It actually sound a bit like Dutch. I had untill then only talked to her via social media, but as I saw more and more pictures of her gorgeous cafe and life I had a feeling we could hit it of straight away.

And as expected, we did. She loves color as much as I do and is a very cheerfull and bubbly lady full of energy. Since there was a party going on in her cafe I could get a sneak peek at what I was in for tomorrow.

Crochet workshop in Copenhagen Pollevie

The cafe @madsensmekka is situated on a corner and fairytale lights and of course the beautifull emerald green wallpaper makes it hard to miss. From a distance it looked very very ‘Hygge’. The Danish word for ‘cozy’. And it was even better when you were inside! Everywhere you look you see something colorfull, happy, silly, fun thing to look at. It has deep windowshelves wich Eva filled up with curiosities wich you can have a look at. Flamingo’s, mice to put in bottle’s origami stars, beaded designs, porcelein cows, so much to see.

It is like she says her creative playground.

Crochet workshop in Copenhagen Pollevie

Not to say the least about her very nicely written menu on the backwall of the cafe with a variety of homemade dishes wich she prepares fresh in her tiny kitchen. She even bakes fresh bread every day there wich makes the whole cafe smell gorgeous. But I needed some sleep, so off to bed.

The next morning I got everything ready for the workshop. The wraps were neatly piled up on the couch and fitted right in the scenery. The first ladies started to arrive, they were as excited as I was. With no time to waste, because we had a lot of crocheting to do, I briefly introduced myself and got them all started. As these were all experienced ladies in crocheting , the cafe soon turned into a bustle of activity. It went quiet and everybody was buisy matching colors, crocheting away, measuring wraps, chatting about previous projects, and asking questions. In the meanwhile they managed to teach me (with endless patience) the danish crochetstitches, wich were very different from the dutch ones 🙂

After a couple of hours hard work we had a very fine tasting lunch wich Eva had made for us.

Crochet workshop in Copenhagen Pollevie

Sooner than we all wanted the workshop came to an end. Much was learned, we had lots of fun talking an laughing. These Danish ladies had a very good sence of humor! And after a photosession we had to part.

I will miss them dearly. I wouldn’t have minded if it had been a two day course. But I will come back in on the 17th of December and maybe some will stop by to show their process with the #polleviewrap. If you want to join this workshop in Copenhagen on the 17th of December, you can use the button below for more information.

Book workshop


Lots of love,

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Free crochet pattern eye #polleviewrap

Free crochet pattern eye polleviewrap

To thank all my dear fans on FB and IG for the new followers milestone, hereby a free crochet pattern for an eye. I used this specific wrap to make a birthday surprise for my friend. See my other post: “Crocheting a cargo-box cover“. Have fun crocheting xxx


Have fun with this free crochet pattern.

For the wrap itself you can find a tutorial in my Etsy shop. The button below gets you there.

Buy tutorial
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Pollevie goes USA

i love ny new york pollevie

After Holland, Denmark and United Kingdom my first planned intercontinental workshop is a fact. I will be giving a Pollevie crochet workshop how to crochet a #polleviewrap/shawl/poncho/bag in New York City on February 25th 2018. Thanks to so many enthusiastic followers/customers that color this world more beautiful every single day. I am so excited! We have limited places so be quick to reserve yours.

Book workshop


If the workshop is overbooked I will put you on the waiting list and I just might organize another workshop. We’ll be there for the entire week.

Love, Pollevie

pollevie loving colors

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Crocheting a cargo-box cover

Pimp that boring case

It was early July and that means: summer holiday. I love camping and the freedom with comes along with it. And this year we (my boyfriend and I) decided to do that again. We do this as follows: On the day of departure, we look at the map of Europe on our telephone and choose the direction where the sun shines and where it is warm enough. Just randomly without any plan we take of. If we have driven enough we search for a campsite and if there is nothing available we camp in the wild, wich is very easy in France. We pack some stuff together, stuff this into the car and go. Easy, wouldn’t you think? But, my love  limits the amount of items to be brought by me. He gives me two plastic boxes that I can fill. One for my clothes, and one for the kitchen stuff.

But I’m not going anywhere without wool. This year I thought of something new to try: vacuum bags, because it’s more wool and does not seem to be so much. 😉

My boyfriend and I travel together for two weeks, stay on campsites, and do nothing at all. We always go with my boyfriends car, because he has the biggest one. He has got this cargo-box wich he insist on taking along. Each year we have the discussion about the needlessness of this thing, since we are only with two persons and in a big car, but he insists… because he is travelling with a lady.

I believe that everything we bring/need/and still buy on the go, will fit in the car easily (if packed right) in the car. But well, opinions differ, so the cargo-box came along again.

On August 5th, it’s my boyfriend’s birthday. It’s a challenge to think of something fun to give him. Something that he likes and what he will love forever and will never part with. Something wich he can be proud of and talk to his mates about…

We were in the French Alps and I was looking forward to seeing the mountains and saw one after another tourist come with all kinds of camping equipment, campers, caravans, bicycles, cars, with or without children etc. etc. Also many cargo-boxes, wich my boyfriend always points out enthousiasticly to me. However, most of those cars also have a group of children aboard and therefore lack of space, so the cargo box is a necessity.

Pimp that boring case

And then the idea popped in my head!  If that cargo-box has to come along, then it had better be a nice/colorful/spectacular one. Because all those cargo-boxes are for some reason gray or black: boring.

Already looking through my sack full of wool, I made a selection of colors and I crocheted a fantastic birthday present in a couple of days with all kinds of benefits:

  • Car is easy to find in the parking lot;
  • Hip cargo-box;
  • Also isolates fine;
  • Nice and soft when you open it, etc etc.

After a couple of times, adjusting and measuring and yet taking into account his preference for certain colors, suddenly there was the cargo-box cover. An instant success number. My boyfriend took 5 minutes to adjust to this new idea but was enthousiastc after that.  Together we made a video the next day in the French countryside and villages. Nice to do! And now he drives proudly in one of the hottest cars with handmade cargo-box cover. Happy birthday honey.

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Workshop crochet at the farm (BoerenBed)

Last Saturday I gave a crochet workshop on a special location: a farm.  I have known Boer Henk from’ Hoeve Wesselink’ for 7 years now and come back yearly to ‘refuel’. You stay in a tent, but it’s more glamping! Not just a tent, but one of BoerenBed.
These are tents that are fully furnished for 6 people. But what I think is the best: there is no gas and no electra. I can hear you think, what about the cooking? And my phone? Well, You cook on a wood fire and in the evening
the whole tent is romantically lit by candlelight. If you sit outside by the fire at night and hear the children’s giggles from the bed, that’s one of those lucky moments that I cherish. But it is also great fun with a couple of friends. You’re pace slows down immediately and your only real worry is the fire. The farmer has free wood in a shack with you can grab when you need it. Also a fantastic thing is that Henk has set those tents on the edge of a forest line where you can build huts, race with a skelter, swing high, or just enjoy the quietness and the birds. The freshly laid eggs at breakfast are also special and fantastic to bake on the fire. Although we usually make pancakes, because by the time the water boils we are hungry again.

(pictures by www.sungiphotography.nl)

And for 7 years I have been going to this easy going farmer Henk and his wife Margriet, and this year for the first time I would be giving a crochet workshop. Margriet has often seen me being creatively busy. For example, there was one year I crocheted funny colourful beanies to go with Henk’s blue overalls in wintertime. But also as a joke one  year:  I tried to be the first at the chickenpenn to grab an egg. I would crochet a gold sack around it and put it back in the penn. Then the waiting started for one of the children to arrive. Their eyes were big as saucers when they saw a gold egg!! Beautiful, and great fun.
This year I made a dreamcatcher for them. It hangs at the entrance of the forest because  beautiful dreams are made in that forest. I can hardly think of a nicer place.

And so now a crochet workshop. Ten ladies came in on Saturday morning with bags of wool and expectations. First of all, after some chitchat, I showed the ladies where toilet was: in my tent. As a result, they could see how nice it is to rent a tent there. Also explained the operation of the heart. Inside the door is a cut out ​​heart with a slider behind it. Is the toilet occupied: slider in front of the heart which turns the heart red. I always find it a very nice detail in that tough tent. There was also a lady who announced from the bridge whilst walking to the tent: that camping was really not something for her, oh no she would not be found dead in a tent… but once we turned the corner the first thing she said was: ahh but this is great!! We can stay here with friends, how many peolple fit in one tent???? 🙂

Once back at the tables, everyone soon found a place and we could start crocheting. The weather was great so we could sit outside. There was a nice refreshing breeze and on the picnic tables I had laid down a set of wraps and color combinations for inspiration.
Soon everyone was busy and chatting happily. Together we crocheted a flower and talked about the variations that might be possible. It’s always fun to see how different everyone crochets, and makes different color choices. A lot can be learned from  each other. Very valuable.
Eventually everyone eagerly went home full of inspiration and itchy hands wanting to get on with it as fast as they could
What a nice group of ladies!

At this location, I will give workshops more often, keep an eye on the site.

Lots of love

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New designs #polleviewrap

You must have noticed that I am making and designing a lot of new crochetwork. I was inspired by Asia  and crocheted a kimono. Ideal as an extra layer over a summer dress or over your bikini at the beach or pool . I’m busy with the pattern for this eye-catcher. Soon available in my Etsy shop.

In addition, I wanted to make something else besides flowers on my colorful .

Spring is my favorite season. You can go outside again and everything begins to grow and bloom. I can also enjoy those moments when you can eat outside or drink a cup of tea and hear the birds whistle. That was it! I tried to crochet a branch and place it on a wrap. I managed to do so and loved it! The design has been improved in the meanwhile. The branch has side branches and really looks like a tree branch where blossom grows and birds perch down after a morning flight. Perfect for those cooler evenings if you can sit outside, or in the morning when you ride your bike. Those birds are so nice to crochet. The difference in yarn makes them all unique and different. Soft fluffy wool for the wings. Shiny yarn for the beak and the eye. Bobbly yarn for the body. Nice to experiment with and ideal for finishing your ‘leftovers’

Because of my love for crocheting, the idea  to make a very big heart for the middle of the wrap was one that popped up in my mind. Of course with glittery edge. Where would we be without glitter. Straightaway They were  a success! The first one had already been sold before i had finished it. ‘Wrap yourself in love ‘ is a beautiful quote for these shawls. They are made with love and radiate it too. They will keep you warm with love and it’s a beautiful unique extension to your wardrobe.

Wrap yourself in love !! ❤️

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Photoshoot Mantingerzand

My boyfriend likes to take pictures. And that comes in handy sometimes 😊. Last weekend I spent it with him in the beautiful province of Drenthe.

The landscape is so different from where I live in the West of Holland.  More natural and wide open spaces. Bit rugged plains with old trees, heaths, sheep and woodland forest as intended. The farms look different too with thatched roofes and big wooden doors.  Very cool to take pictures.

ollevie wrap omslagdoek photoshoot Mantingerveld

So with two bags full of shawls and a vague description of an unknown piece of Drenthe we left Sunday morning to do a photoshoot to the small village ‘Mantingen’ . It was drizzling a bit but that did not spoil the fun.

We got this tip from a lady who described the site as “magical and rugged” . As soon as I heard that I wanted to see it!.

From a small country road you first drive through those typical Drenthe villages with large wooden farmhouses, each one breathtakinh in itself. And then suddenly there was the ‘Mantingerzand’ . Yellow tall grass waving gently in the wind and scattered like confetti were ancient juniper trees / shrubs. Very characteristic for the sand they grow on.

Two bags full of wraps , and off we went. Through the rain sometimes mossy surface which was slippery and you had to be very careful where you walked. After a small hill and a curve there was an open field. Breathtaking. Especially because the weather was a little hazy Idd it was a magical atmosphere. Perfect for my colorful shawls.

The polleviewrap ‘s are the best enjoyed if you spread your arms and hold them against your back for a photo. So you see how big it is and how it looks overall.  So those are a bit standard poses. And as we hoped , the colors really stood out in this rugged poece of nature. Luckily it stopped drizzling so we had the time to take pictures of all the wraps  in different  poses, and also enjoy the beautiful nature. Here we’ll be back again in another season for some more awesome pictures.



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Crocheting is fun to do!

What could be finer than the morning at the weekend with a cup of hot herbal tea just take the time to crochet? Or in the evening when the kids are in bed. The great thing about crocheting is that you can do it anywhere. At the gym class of my daughter, or at the pool during swimming lessons. But also in the car during a car trip is going fine. I fill the entire glove compartment and side compartment in the door with crazy colors of wool. Even the car looks much happier. Crocheting gives me rest and relaxation, but on the other hand offers enough room to my creativity.

Kids coloring at the table Crocheting in the garden

It is never boring. If I don’t feel to crochet a new shawl, I can make some flowers for the center. Then you also get more directly a picture/idea how a new shawl will be. If I crochet the green leaves for between flowers. The shawl is very alternate to make. Not one is the same. That’s because the various types and colors of wool, but also because you can vary in the types of flowers. For example, in the amount of leaves, with or without stamens, glitter thread or not, the variations are endless.

Crocheted shawls in Italy

There is much love and attention into making these shawls. Sometimes you have a moment when you do not really know how to proceed. Then it helps to put anything away and move on to another project or to complete another. Later on if I see the unfinished shawl again I usually succeed. Wool for the clothes I buy at shops, but I also get a lot of wool of people who know that I crochet. Even tiny scraps of wool I can use for example the flowers. That makes the picture interesting to the eye.

Crocheting table at the campsite


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