Photoshoot Mantingerzand

My boyfriend likes to take pictures. And that comes in handy sometimes 😊. Last weekend I spent it with him in the beautiful province of Drenthe.

The landscape is so different from where I live in the West of Holland.  More natural and wide open spaces. Bit rugged plains with old trees, heaths, sheep and woodland forest as intended. The farms look different too with thatched roofes and big wooden doors.  Very cool to take pictures.

ollevie wrap omslagdoek photoshoot Mantingerveld

So with two bags full of shawls and a vague description of an unknown piece of Drenthe we left Sunday morning to do a photoshoot to the small village ‘Mantingen’ . It was drizzling a bit but that did not spoil the fun.

We got this tip from a lady who described the site as “magical and rugged” . As soon as I heard that I wanted to see it!.

From a small country road you first drive through those typical Drenthe villages with large wooden farmhouses, each one breathtakinh in itself. And then suddenly there was the ‘Mantingerzand’ . Yellow tall grass waving gently in the wind and scattered like confetti were ancient juniper trees / shrubs. Very characteristic for the sand they grow on.

Two bags full of wraps , and off we went. Through the rain sometimes mossy surface which was slippery and you had to be very careful where you walked. After a small hill and a curve there was an open field. Breathtaking. Especially because the weather was a little hazy Idd it was a magical atmosphere. Perfect for my colorful shawls.

The polleviewrap ‘s are the best enjoyed if you spread your arms and hold them against your back for a photo. So you see how big it is and how it looks overall.  So those are a bit standard poses. And as we hoped , the colors really stood out in this rugged poece of nature. Luckily it stopped drizzling so we had the time to take pictures of all the wraps  in different  poses, and also enjoy the beautiful nature. Here we’ll be back again in another season for some more awesome pictures.



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Crocheting is fun to do!

What could be finer than the morning at the weekend with a cup of hot herbal tea just take the time to crochet? Or in the evening when the kids are in bed. The great thing about crocheting is that you can do it anywhere. At the gym class of my daughter, or at the pool during swimming lessons. But also in the car during a car trip is going fine. I fill the entire glove compartment and side compartment in the door with crazy colors of wool. Even the car looks much happier. Crocheting gives me rest and relaxation, but on the other hand offers enough room to my creativity.

Kids coloring at the table Crocheting in the garden

It is never boring. If I don’t feel to crochet a new shawl, I can make some flowers for the center. Then you also get more directly a picture/idea how a new shawl will be. If I crochet the green leaves for between flowers. The shawl is very alternate to make. Not one is the same. That’s because the various types and colors of wool, but also because you can vary in the types of flowers. For example, in the amount of leaves, with or without stamens, glitter thread or not, the variations are endless.

Crocheted shawls in Italy

There is much love and attention into making these shawls. Sometimes you have a moment when you do not really know how to proceed. Then it helps to put anything away and move on to another project or to complete another. Later on if I see the unfinished shawl again I usually succeed. Wool for the clothes I buy at shops, but I also get a lot of wool of people who know that I crochet. Even tiny scraps of wool I can use for example the flowers. That makes the picture interesting to the eye.

Crocheting table at the campsite


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